Surf Trail Washer

Surf Trail Washer 4.0

Surf Trail Washer for deleting trails left by the user navigation by Internet

Surf Trail Washer is an application for cleaning (deleting) all the trails left by the user when navigating accross the web net.
Visited web pages, i.e. Internet history, cookie files to let the browser remember which pages user has visited already, all the typed URLs that user has entered to the path (address) bar on the Internet browser, etc.

Image files, script files, configuration files, style sheets files, an other types of related files, all these data are saved automatically by the Internet browser to help itself the next time the user works with it. Those are the trails left by the user operation that anybody could access internal or externally: web spiders or other net users on the same network.

Surf Trail Washer allows the user to delete all of these trails so nobody would find them.

The application offers the possibility of working with it in Automatic or Manual mode. When program starts, it shows the options window for the user to change whatever it is necessary for that operation. Then the application checks for temporary Internet files, and list them in different types, selected by tabs.

In the automatic mode, all of them will be deleted. In the manual mode. user can select which files to delete or select all of them in each tab sorted list, for example, the user might not want to delete known cookies.

Deletion is complete and noone could find any trail of the user navigation.

The application offers interface languages in English, German and Hungarian.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very good sorting of temporary Internet files


  • The automatic deletion could be a little dangerous sometimes
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